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3M®Static Field Meter 718 and Air Ionizer Test Kit

  • Static Sensor Meter and Air Ionizer Test Kit is a compact electro-static field meter used for locating and measuring the electrostatic field associated with charged objects.

  • This instrument can play a valuable role in an organization's ESD-control program ensuring product reliability and customer satisfaction which translates into company profits.

  •  As a bonus, when used in conjunction with the 3M™ Model 718A Air Ionizer Test Kit, the 718 can also be used to verify the operation of air ionizers.

  • 718 Static Sensor Features
    - Small-size, lightweight, conductive plastic housing
    - Membrane switches for Power, Range/Zero and Hold functions
    - Digital, LCD (liquid-crystal) display is easy to read and updates quickly
    - Ranging system assists user in making quick and easy measurements
    - Measurements accurate to 5%
    - Output jack available for continuous measurements
    Convenient Size/Low Power Requirements
    The 718 is small enough to be carried in a pocket and weighs less than 142 g, including battery. The lightweight plastic housing is conductive, allowing a properly-grounded user to dissipate all electrostatic charges from the surface of the meter.
    Meter Functions
    The meter is equipped with three membrane switches which control different functions. The POWER switch turns the instrument on and off. The RANGE/ZERO button performs two functions; when pressed momentarily it switches between the two measurement ranges of 0-2,000 volts and 0-20,000 volts, and if held for longer than 3 seconds, it resets the voltage display to 0 volts. The HOLD button allows the user to freeze a measurement on the LCD for later review.
    Ranging System
    Included with the 3M 718 Static Sensor is a ranging system consisting of two light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which each emit a circular red light onto the surface being measured for static. When the two lights intersect and form a single focused light, the measurement distance is the prescribed 2.54cm.
    The Model 718 Static Sensor is accurate to within +/- 5% of the displayed measurement, at a distance of 2.54 cm from the target. Accuracy will vary as the distance between measured object and instrument changes from the 2.54 cm specification.
    Analog Output Jack
    The analog output jack located in the front of the unit provides a convenient hook-up, via a 2.5 mm monophone jack, to a recorder/data acquisition console. The 3M 718 Static Sensor may then be used for remote monitoring or permanent recording of electrostatic voltage readings.

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