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3M® SpeidelTM Metal Anti-Static Wrist  Straps, 2200 Series

  • These are SpeidelTM metal expansion bands for durability and comfort

  • Each link is covered with an insulating plastic cap.

  • Use 3MTM wrist strap ground cords: Compatible with the wrist strap ground cords 2210, 2220 and 4610/4611

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SMALL METAL BAND WRIST STRAP ONLY, 4 1/2 TO 6"   View Price / Order


MEDIUM METAL BAND WRIST STRAP ONLY, 5 1/2 TO 7 1/4"   View Price / Order


LARGE METAL BAND WRIST STRAP ONLY, 6 1/2" UP_   View Price / Order
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